Рабочая поездка в Болонью


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

 10.00-12.00. Visit to CD/LEI (Centre for documentation / Laboratory for intercultural education) in Via Ca' Selvatica 7, Bologna.

Mirca Ognisanti, director of the centre, welcomed the delegation and showed the different rooms and facilities of the structure: the multicultural library, the archive and the classrooms. In a classroom, the delegation assisted to a lesson of Italian as L2 and discussed with teacher and students.

In the conference room, Mirca Ognisanti did a presentation of the centre and of the centre activities. She focused on:

-          the reasons that carried to the creation of the centre: the inter-institutional project;

-          data about multicultural schools in Bologna;

-          the centre’s activities: Italian language workshops for children and adults; linguistic and cultural mediation at school and in the childhood services;

-          projects on intercultural dialogue;

-          the multicultural library and the MOBI project (Mobile Library project).

The visit was concluded with a discussion and exchange of experiences.

 14.00-15.30 Visit to University Museums of Palazzo Poggi and institutional meetings (via Zamboni 33, Bologna).

The University Museums were visited with a professional guide and some academic employers and professors were met.

 16.00-18.00 Visit to the multicultural reality of the city

A professional guide showed the most interesting places in the city centre, focusing on the migration experiences and the multicultural dimensions of such places, nowadays and in the past. Particular attention was reserved to the previous Jewish ghetto.



Wednesday, 22 April 2015

14.00-18.00Visit to the multi-religious reality of Novellara (Ortodox Church, Sikh temple, Indù temple, Mosquee).

The delegation was welcomed in the Town Hall by the Major Elena Carletti, her assistant Erica Tacchini and the Assessor for School, Culture, Sport, Associations and Equal Opportunities Marco Battini, which presented the different intercultural policies and practices implemented by the municipality of Novellara.

After that a guided visit took place in the Orthodox church, in the Sikh temple, in the Hindu temple and in the Mosque of town. In each one of these places of worship the delegation was greeted by the members of the religious community and told about the situation in which they live in Novellara.

Thursday, 23rd April 2015

 10.00-11.00. Visit to the multicultural reality of the city of Modena, led by a professional guide and focused on the migration in the Modena social history.

 12.00-13.00. Meeting with the Assessor for Culture, Univeristy and School and Vice-major Gianpietro Cavazza, which introduced the migration policies and practices implemented by the municipality of Modena.

 14.00-19.00. Visit to the municipal services for migration and intercultural education in Modena

 14.00-15.30. Visit to Memo Educational Multicenter "Sergio Neri"

Francesca D’Alfonso (director of MEMO) and Beatrice Iori (leader of the intercultural activities sector of MEMO), presented the history, the activities, the synergies with other institutions and the produced materials of the center. Some of the activities will inspire the ALLMEET Intercultural Education Platforms activities and some of the product offered ideas for the realization of ALLMEET teaching materials.

16.00-17.30. Visit to CPIA (center for permanent learning), presentation of the activities of the center and round table.

Participants to the round table: Davide Chiappelli (headmaster of CPIA Modena), Rosalia Italia (teacher and coordinator of CPIA Modena), Alessandra Lotti (social and cultural operator at the Migration Center of the Municipality of Modena), Grazia Stefanini (social and cultural mediator in the Office for the Social Cohesian and for the Community Development of the Municipality of Modena).

A deep exchange of knowledge was focused on the different strategies of inclusion of young migrants at school and in the neighborhoods in Modena, Italy and Russia. Long discussions were held on the so-called “cultural mediators” – people who actively work to solve conflicts between two parties when at least one of these is made up of migrants. The idea to introduce such professional figure in the Russian context is a hypothesis that could be developed among the ALLMEET project life, if the existing condition will allow it.

 ore 18.00-19.00. Visit to the House of Cultures

Walter Reggiani (president of the association House of Culture) and Lilya Hamadi (leader of the intercultural activities of Arci Modena and president of Circolo Milinda) presented the history and the reality of House of Cultures as a big association composed by many smaller association and as meeting point for community building activities.


The local section of the national newspaper Il Resto del Carlino reported about the visit.


Friday, 24th April 2015

 10.30-13.00. Visit to the House of Cultures in the city of Arezzo and meeting with the assessor and vice-major Magi in the Town Hall.

Lorenzo Luatti (Oxfam Italia, head of the House of Cultures) and Caterina Casamenti (Oxfam Italia) welcomed the delegation and presented the history and the activities of the center. Claudia Maffei (Oxfam Italia) presented the FLAME (Family Learning And Migrant Engagement) project.

The delegation visited the rooms of the House of Cultures and assisted to a Italian language class for foreigners.

In the Town Hall, Stefania Magi (Vice-major and Assessor for Equal Opportunities and for the Integration Policies of Arezzo Municipality) welcomed the delegation and had discussion. 

 15.30. Visit to the International Student Center Giorgio La Pira, in Florence.

Maurizio Certini (head of the center) presented the history and the activities, focusing on the crucial role that this association has always played in the field of integration of steadily growing migrant communities in the city of Florence.