Interregional volunteerism «Volunteer»

Yelabuga-city volunteers

Volunteerism in Russia have a good history, present and future. Russia has always had a lot of "hiddenvolunteering", when people perform volunteer work,not thinking about the social importance of their work. But one little desire: to clear vision of volunteerism, knowledge of methods and techniquesof translating wishes into concrete action.

Volunteerism in Elabuga-10 years. A lot or a little? Alldepend on how to assess this time — for the number of years or their saturation. Now, back in the year2002, when the first was created in Elabuga inVolunteer Center, you can see what a great way to gobroke over this time elabužskoe volunteering: from a small Centre in the management of social protectionfor the development of an interregional centre for volunteering "Volunteer".

The starting point for the implementation of the concept in Elabuga Volunteering became a social project «Volunteer social clinic. In March 2002, the Office of social protection Elabuga took the initiativeto organize in Elabuga volunteering students.

Happy birthday volunteer centre "Volunteer" wasDecember 21, 2002 since its inception, VolunteerCentre carries out visits to elderly, veterans, the disabled, children with disabilities do not attend school, the pupils of social orphanage and children's home. Implement primary prevention of substance use among pupils and students in the city. Working inemergency service hotline, organize various social andcharity events.

Since that time, RAC "Volunteer" has extensive experience in the implementation of socially significant projects, of which the most important are:"Volunteer social clinic (2002-2004); School coaches(2004-2007); Public school leader (2007-2008); "The practical Academy for social management (2008-2010).

March 2010 year volunteers and specialists of the CENTRES organized the establishment of a volunteer movement in Elabuga-project "Volunteer mission.With the support of the social security institutions of higher, professional and educational institutions of the city were organized groups of volunteers willing to carry out social and meaningful activities. The result of this work can be described as the work of volunteerunits in all educational institutions of the city and region during Spring Week of good.

Volunteering is not just a job, it's not the technology,and not even an information field and the goodwill ofvolunteers willing to selflessly "to do good" and a specific person who needs help. This social orientation: helping lonely elderly people, people with disabilities, "difficult" adolescents, promoting social protection and Management Center of socio-psychological assistance to the population "Ariadne",and, of course, the work of the volunteers themselvesand enable the volunteer movement of the city not only did not disappear, but also thrive on.



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