Mari State University

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Mari State University” currently includes six Institutes (Institute of Agricultural Technologies; Institute of Finno-Ugric Studies; Institute of Economics, Management and Finances; Institute of Open Education and Informational Systems; Institute of Pedagogics and Psychology; Institute of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining), 10 Faculties (Faculty of History and Philology; Faculty of Physics and Mathematics; Faculty of Biology and Chemistry; Faculty of Electrical Engineering; Faculty of Law; Faculty of International Relations; Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism; Faculty of Culture and Arts; Faculty of Technology and Professional Studies; Faculty of Foreign Languages​​), 62 departments. Training is conducted over 56 specialties (profiles).

The number of students is more than 9000 people. Teaching staff amounts to about 900 people, including more than 100 doctors and professors, more than 500 candidates of sciences and associate professors. Post-graduate courses operate over 49 specialties, doctorate – over 7 specialties.

The University has an important mission to provide a sustainable dynamic of social and cultural development of the Republic, as well as integration into the European and world scientific, educational and cultural space. The creation of the International Association of universities of the Finno-Ugric countries and regions of the Russian Federation initiated by the University is significant in this regard. The University has become an integral and essential part of the Republic of Mari El. The evidence of it is university graduates, who make up the core of the personnel potential of the country and work in all sectors of the economy and social sphere.

The University plays a special role in training personnel for the regions of compact residence of Mari. Hundreds of youths and maidens from Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Sverdlovsk, Perm region, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Tatarstan, were educated at the University, especially in Philology, culture and art, pedagogy, journalism, regional studies. The University provides the training of scientific and teaching staff of the higher school for them.

The Information centre of the European Union works in cooperation with the embassies work at the University of the Russian-American and Swedish educational centers. In 2008, the University opened a branch campus "APTECH", the world leading educational Corporation in the field of information technology.

The first Russian scientific school on the issue of "socio-psychological rehabilitation of children with disabilities" is created in the University.

In general, MarSU system meets modern principles of variability, mobility, multi-level structure, continuity that creates the foundation for the “lifelong education”. The University keeps its status of the single classical university of the Republic. Its mission is to meet educational needs of the individual, society and state in the field of general and applied science, to maintain the leadership in the educational system modernization in the Republic and the region, taking into account global tendencies, to influence actively on the social, economic and cultural development of the Mari El Republic and the region and to harmonize interethnic and interconfessional relations in the multi-ethnic region.



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