The multicultural education program “Basics of Multicultural Education” within the framework of EU Tempus project “ALLMEET//Actions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia” took place from November 30 to December 13, 2016. It was the second time the course was held at NArFU. This module was designed specifically for teachers in the technical and engineering profile who work with foreign students.


1 December 2016 at the IX All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Civil Education in the Information Age: parenting practices" took place public and professional expertise of SibFU electronic Polycultural Lifelong Educational Platform, developed within the framework of TEMPUS «ALLMEET» project.


2 December 2016 a meeting of the working group took place for approving the 2017 action plan of the state program of the Krasnoyarsk region “Strengthening the unity of the Russian nation and ethno-cultural development of the peoples of the Krasnoyarsk region"


Scientists Mari State University - performers of the international project "Organization of training throughout their lives, based on intercultural education and the formation of tolerance in Russia" took part in the II All-Russian competition of scientific and artistic works on the theme: "HOMELAND: patriotism, civilization, tolerance" and were awarded diplomas I and II degree.


In the period 3-6 June 2016 St.-Petersburg hosted the 14th International Conference “Lifelong learning: continuous education for sustainable development” organized by the Research Institute of the social, economic and educational problems of continuous education of the Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin, Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin and the World committee on lifelong learning (France) with the support of the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning. Director of the Institute of Education, Psychology and Sociology, SibFU, SibFU project team leader, O.G. Smolyaninova  made a presentation on the interim results of the project TEMPUS ALLMEET. 


19-21 May 2016 Catherine Bezisvestnikh, a post-graduate student,  realized an individual academic mobility grant as SibFU ALLMEET TEMPUS project member. She took part in the 2nd International Forum on Teacher Education and made a presentation at the IIIrd International Scientific and Practical conference "Multicultural education environment and teacher training: Integration of the Russian experience." The organizer of the international forum was Kazan (Volga) Federal University.


15April 2016 in the framework of ALLMEET TEMPUS project  a Polycultural Center hosted  a meeting held by IEPS SibFU devoted to personal lifelong services (PL2S) in Kazarmenny, 8.


14April 2016 in the framework of TEMPUS «ALLMEET» project was held a briefing in the form of a round table. It was devoted to  "Interethnic conflicts in the youth multicultural environment and ways their resolution". The briefing was attended by representatives of national autonomies and diasporas of Krasnoyarsk region, head of the Center of social adaptation and integration of migrants, and deputy school directors, methodologists and teachers, administration of the House of Friendship of the Peoples of Krasnoyarsk region, and members of the SibFU ALLMEET NEMPUS project team.


Head of the SibFU TEMPUS «ALLMEET» team  Olga G. Smolyaninova and Deputy Head of PR Department of the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Region Rashit G. Rafikov attended a briefing with the administration of the Center of social adaptation and integration for migrants and representatives of the regional top administration 15 March, 2016 in the Federal Migration Department. The Center is the part of the Federal Migration Department.


22 of January 2016 in Moscow city pedagogical University the monitoring of the project TEMPUS "ALLMEET” was held. Deputy Director of the national office of TEMPUS and ERASMUS+ in Russia, doctor of Philology, Anna Muraveva was invited as an expert.


Within the project ALLMEET in accordance with the stated aims and objectives, the European Centre of Commons prior learning assessment "(abbreviated" VPL "), for the second time, organized a training course for representatives of partner universities of the Russian-European consortium of international grant TEMPUS" Organization of learning throughout life, multicultural-oriented education and educating tolerance in Russia»(«ALLMEET 11-15 January 2016, the Hague, Netherlands.


Students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the PD-41 from 7 to 20 December held teaching and research practices, the aim of which is to acquire experience in performing professional tasks of psycho-pedagogical and scientific-research character in accordance with the profile of training, "Educational Psychology" and the regional characteristics of Education , the acquisition of practical research skills in their future professional activities.

23 November 2015 the international seminar "Intercultural dialogue: learning, teaching, and sharing" took place at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.  The seminar will be organized in four sub-themes: education, learning and basis of the intercultural approach in Russia; intercultural linguistic dimensions, narratives and social inclusion; from multicultural encounters to intercultural projects; and the relevance of European and international project.


Mari State University held a plan meeting with participants of international project “Organization of lifelong learning addressing multicultural education and tolerance in Russia” within the framework of TEMPUS IV (2013-2016) from 7 to 11 September 2015. 

1.jpgFrom 21 June to 3 July 2015 delegates of each Russian partner visited the city of Glasgow for a knowledge exchange and to become acquainted with some Scottish best practices in intercultural education. Several visits to intercultural and interreligious realities in the city were organised and experts on the field were met.

1.jpg30 June 2015 the international conference "Intercultural Division in Russia, Europe and Scotland: Addressing the challenges with Education" took place at the University of Glasgow, College of Social Sciences.  The conference covered all of the dimensions of the topic: historical; political; sociological; religious; cultural and educational.


From 21 to 24 April 2015 delegates of each Russian partner visited the city of Bologna  for a knowledge exchange and to become acquainted with some Italian best practices in intercultural education. Several visits to intercultural centres and realities in Bologna and in other cities were organised: Modena, Arezzo, Florence. Also the multi-religious town of Novellara (Sikh temple, Indù temple, Mosquee, Ortodox Curch) was visited. Meetings with municipal authorities took place in Novellara, Modena and Arezzo, exchanging reflections on the political and conceptual development of education for tolerance. 


This conference has been organised within the auspices of the ALLMEET project. The conference has been conceived as an opportunity for researchers, students and stakeholders from different European countries and Russian regions to encounter each other, discover each other’s ideas and to reflect together, with the potential to build new bridges and generate new ideas. Despite common perceptions, Russia and Europe are deeply interconnected, and tolerance and intercultural education are major priorities for both Russia and Europe as they both strive to ensure social stability and cultural enrichment. 

March 17 in the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV University hosted the International scientific and practical seminar "Building cultural dialogue at national and regional levels: the best Russian and European practices in the field of politics, education, and initiatives of NGOs." 

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